After working together you'll feel wholeness and certainty about your human resources and management systems.  You'll attract more ideal employees  and keep them longer by connecting with your company's unique culture.


Let's make your company flourish.

My name is Candice (excited to meet you!) and I am a community-driven Human Resources Strategist.  Business leaders hire me to help them build management systems based on their unique worldview and community vision.  

My formal degrees are in Anthropology & Philosophy (BA) and Human Resources & Labor Relations (MBA), but my real education has come from running businesses and working with business owners like you.  I've worked with world class distilleries and breweries, executive directors providing healthy food and housing, sustainable & net-zero construction firms,  and so many more.  I've worked with over 100 organizations and would love for you to be my next success story.

I help you evolve from a place of fragmentation and miscommunication, to a place of aligned action. Your HR system is so much more than a bunch of policies.  We start by uncovering the core of the vision for your company's community.  Then we create systems that foster the environment you want to bring into the world.


Community First

Most people approach human resources backwards. Instead of policy and systems first HR, I offer community-driven Human Resources. We start by understanding what makes your company unique and desirable to your employees. Then, we design an HR system that aligns with your most powerful message.

You Decide

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that we get to decide. We can choose to have a collaborative  relationship with our staff or a more authoritarian one.  We can take everything on ourselves and work nonstop for three months or we can bring on a team to help. We get to pick who we want to work with and what our time is worth. We get to choose our future.

More Human

Call me crazy, but I have this idea that if human resources acts more human – being grounded, sharing our lives, telling personal stories –we'll be more successful. When businesses show more of their personality and values, we love them for it. As employees, we are drawn to real people we believe in, not companies that are “professional” at the expense of being generic.

Let's transform your HR!


The Wholistic HR Approach

1-ON-1 Strategy and Development

High level service designed for entrepreneurs and executives who are already in business.  The work we do together brings everything to the next level.  Full HR development includes strategy, community development and design.

  • Three month to ongoing collaboration

  • Completely done-for-you

  • End to end custom HR strategy and design

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Before working with Candice I was faced with challenges I did not know how to navigate on my own.  Now I feel confident in my HR decisions, and my employees feel taken care of and supported.  Candice’s knowledge, skills and services have helped protect my business which has enabled us to continue to grow and serve our community.


Back Pocket HR

An affordable monthly subscription

As a small business owner, I know you need HR when you need it.  Through Back Pocket HR, I provide ongoing HR support for you at a rate that won't break the bank.  

  • Tailored to your unique needs

  • Founded on best practices

  • 24 hour turn around time on most projects


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A fellow business owner recommended I reach out to Candice after I mentioned some concerns I was having with an employee.  Candice was incredibly warm and welcoming, immediately helping me to find ways to address my concerns.  Her answers are empathetic, thoughtful and informative. Candice provides a wealth of resources over email, through webinars, and her regular newsletters. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


HR Building Blocks

Lay the HR Foundation

Unlock your business's HR potential with a powerful action plan, designed with your company's cultural identity in mind.

  • Pick from 8 separate courses based on YOUR needs

  • Learn how to use HR strategy in your business

  • Self-Paced, DIY, 1.5 hours of video and audio content with a workbook


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A few surprising facts about me. . .

I am a woodfire ceramic artist.  I throw functional ware (like cups and bowls) and then work with a team of people 24 hours a day for many days in a row to fire the kiln.  There's nothing like pulling the pieces out.  I  never know what I'm going to get!

I started my first company when I was 23 years old.  It was a group tour company and we took people to Key West, Savannah and New Orleans for up to 4 days at a time.  I closed the company when I moved back to CA to be closer to family.

When I was in college I lived in the Middle East for 6 months and worked as an archaeologist.  I specialized in burials and human osteology.  When I graduated I decided to take some time away from school to see if archaology was really what I wanted to do with my life.

The first company I did HR for was a restaurant group.  I'm a foodie & beverage lover!  I love trying new local restaurants, weird foods, going to the Farmer's Market, cooking at home and growing a garden. I tried brewing beer one time but decided to leave that one to the pros ;)

Official Bio

3rd Person Style

Candice Elliott is a community-minded human resources strategist who works with business and non-profit leaders to develop management systems based on their unique worldview.   Through her work with hundreds of clients from international corporations to solo-entrepreneurs she developed her signature Wholistic HR approach.

Candice provides monthly one-on-one HR coaching, develops HR policy tailored to your organization's unique needs, and facilitates specialized HR functions like maternity leave, compensation analysis, harassment response and ED/CEO recruitment.  She has a Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Penn State is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and specializing in California Labor Law.