Business owners typically come to me with one or more projects that have been on their mind for some time.  Typically the first project is updating the Company Handbook.  Sometimes we work from an existing handbook and revise, and in other cases we start from the beginning with a new document.  The handbook is tailored to each client's business, and we spend one to two hours reviewing the content before distributing to staff.  Generally during the handbook review process questions come up about how to manage specific employee relations issues, and we get to talk through these.


Additionally, we assist with the following:

  • Job Descriptions

  • Job Advertisements

  • Hiring Procedure

  • End of Employment Procedure

  • Medical and Extended Leave Procedure

  • Performance Review Process

  • Training Program

  • Company Retreat

  • Strategic Planning

Before I begin, we decide on the scope of the work to be  completed and you are sent a copy of the agreement which outlines the work to be completed.


Every system that is developed for your company is tailored to your unique needs.  We start off with HR best practices and standards in your industry, then we make adjustments so that your HR system is aligned with your business mission, vision and values.

Once we have begun working together, I am available on an ongoing basis to assist you with your employment relations needs.


Once the final product has been reviewed it is time for the work to be implemented.  Many clients prefer to do implementation themselves, or direct a manager to do the work.  From time to time, business owners find that they would like to outsource the HR function, and in these instances Fortress and Flourish can provide ongoing HR services through retainer.  This can include, but is not limited to the following functions:

  • Payroll Processing

  • Administering Leave

  • Benefits Analysis

  • Attendance at Staff Meetings

  • Employee Relations

  • Terminations

Our Process


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