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Your Invitation to a Discovery Call

Dear courageous leader,
I'm guessing you're here because you've heard about me somehow - from a friend, on a podcast, at the playground or just browsing around the interwebs 🤷  Maybe you've known about me for a while but, we just haven't had the chance to meet.  No matter how you arrived here, I'm glad you are!
A Discovery Call might be for you if you want to talk about . . .
  • The growth that is happening in your organization and ways to develop sustainable systems that will grow with you
  • What values-aligned HR is and how it can fit into your organization in a way that doesn't make you want to cringe
  • A current issue in your organization or with a member of your staff, and the next steps to take based on values-aligned HR best practices
  • Creating efficiencies that help people feel more valued and cared for all the way from when they are a candidate through employment until after their last day (hopefully many years away)
  • The kinds of HR systems that help you keep your employees including competitive and transparent compensation, trauma-informed conversations, and defining and following up on goals that are aligned with your vision
  • Or something else that's on your mind: a training, a retreat, an event, your podcast, general HR questions, current events. . . 

I'm so excited to learn more about you and your organization and to see if there is a way I can support you. 

Here's how it'll work:

This Discovery call is here so that we can get to know a little bit about each other.  Before the call you'll fill out a short questionnaire so that you can share some information with me about your organization and what' brings you to my door.

Our call will be virtual, 30-minutes (there is a phone option too if you prefer that). First, we'll just get to know each other.  Then we'll talk about what's going on in your organization.  I'll share any information I have that can help and resources that are free and available.  Then I'll tell you about the services I offer that might meet your needs. 

There is no pressure to commit to working with me on this call.  Afterward I'll follow up with you to share the websites, templates, trainings, etc. that we talked about.   If you were interested in any of my services, I'll also send you a proposal for the things you were intereseted in. 

My proposals are valid for 45 days so there is no rush to get back to me right away.  I want to make sure that we are the right fit for each other before we start working together.  If I'm not the right fit for you, of if this isn't the right time, just let me know.  No hard feelings, and I can share with you other peopen in my network who might be a better fit based on deliverables, personality, time and budget.
She's up-to-date and helped us be confident about our options to make sure our employees are cared for and our business is protected. 
- Cara Pearson, VP, Pacific Cookie Company

Candice is professional, well-informed, responsive, and community-minded.  She gives comprehensive and high quality HR consulting services and generously shares her experience through her work.
- Brooke Sampson, ED, Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes

Word On The Street


Candice Elliott helps impact-driven leaders grow their team with values-aligned HR best practices.  She focuses on increasing employee retention, making work more meaningful, and of course saving $$.


Her background is in HR.  She has a Masters in HR from Penn State, the Senior Professional certification in California and has worked in the field for more than 10 years.  During the Pandemic, she supported the small business and non-profit community by giving 100s of hours of assistance to help meet the challenges of the changing world of work. 


Candice lives and works on the unceded land of Popeloutchom, home to the Awaswas speaking Uypi Ohlone, recently called Santa Cruz, California.

About Candice

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