Hi there!  I'm Candice Elliott, HR Strategist and drinker of too many cups of tea and coffee, and . . .

I've decided to share my proven system for attracting employees who you will love to work with.  In this complimentary training I go over everything I share with my one-on-one clients.  I share this with the hope that it will help you attract and keep the best staff for you!

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What do you cover?

Job design

Writing a job ad

Getting the word out

Weeding through candidates

Making the job offer

What if I'm new to this?

Never fear!!  This is the same system I share with my clients whether it is their first or 1000th hire. 

It works well if you are just starting to think about hiring your first person, but not quite sure what they'll do, or if you have been hiring for a while and want to rework the way you go about it.