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June 2020: Equity Toolkit

Equity Toolkit: Introduction

In this series we will focus on four areas of our companies where we may have made decisions by default rather than through careful decision. Many times we create systems of inequity through our reaction and inaction, rather than willfully. This month we will look at hiring practices, compensation, training and corrective action planning. The goal is to see what is there, what has already been created, and to see how we may adjust these systems to create more equity for our employees.

We inquire into the make-up of your organization. Who works there, and do they represent the diversity of our community? If you notice a difference between your company and community, we look at actionable steps that you can take.

We look into the way that employees compensated for their work. We look at the responsibilities of the jobs that you have, the way they relate to other jobs in your organization, and inquire into whether there are solid business reasons for your compensation system. If you notice that some things are out of line, you will know what steps to take to change them.

A solid training program is one of the best ways to ensure everyone in your company starts off with an equal footing. Often our training programs are really just the few minutes we can grab between other projects. This week we look into the steps to building new trainings and revising existing ones.

It is often through our inaction or our inappropriate response to events that creates disparity in our companies as a result of ineffectual disciplinary systems. There are many unintended consequences when we do not enforce discipline with best practices. This week we look into corrective action planning, current best practices related to discipline, and how you can incorporate them into your work.

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