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Quiet Quitting Is A Symptom, Not The Problem

I am a Human Resources Strategist who works with companies, non-profits & the government to transform the workplace from an extractive to regenerative model.

Quiet Quitting is treated like a problem that needs to be solved, but it is actually a symptom of the actual problem. The root cause of Quiet Quitting is the extractive model of employment practices that is used as the standard and "best practice" in most workplaces.

When organizations address this issue, shifting toward regenerative practices, people don't quiet quit. Instead, they feel like they belong, like they're safe, like they are supported as full humans instead of like they are bots.

Work-life balance is the tip of the iceberg here. When you go deeper, it is about designing organizations that value the people that work for them, that pay them sustainably, and that help improve the economy by participating in commerce.

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