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Build a Dream Team focused on your vision

Find out the three steps you can take to find clarity in aligning your work, your team and your goals.
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The Wholistic Team Building Guide is designed to help you build your best team
Are you a solo-entrepreneur (or solo-nonprofitpreneur) who wants to recruit some support, but you're not sure how to extract yourself from any of the parts of your business?

Or, do you already have a team in place but feel like you're herding cats and not truly reaching your goals?

I've been there! 
(Both of those theres) 

As a solopreneur launching Fotress and Flourish, in a past life as a general manager responsible for overseeing four businesses and over 120 employees, and more recently helping over 100 organizations hire in this competitive job market.

This guide breaks down the process that I've used with clients to build teams that support their values and goals. 

How does it work?
  • First step, define your "buckets of work".  These are the work areas that make you and your organization impactful.  Depending on your business these can be wildly different but some examples that typically exist across sectors are: bookkeeping, marketing and business development.
  • Next step, outline the goals that you have in each "bucket".  By creating goals, this helps align the next part with your vision and values.
  • Last, write down the activities that support these "buckets".  This list of activities can become your job description and help you go out and find your team, or help you realign the work of your existing team.
Ready to get started?
Need more than a workbook?  I've got you covered!
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Join me for a 1-hour interactive, online workshop focused on building your dream team.

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