Unlock your company's unique HR advantage.

  • Maybe you're resisting sharing your company's unique culture  . . . because you're unsure what it really is
  • Perhaps you spend time with your staff and feel like you have to control them to ensure profitability instead of fostering their growth
  • Or you are realizing that taking issues as they come is creating confusion, and you're not sure if you're doing the right thing anymore
  • You just aren't sure how to package up all your numerous employment and management systems into a package that your employees understand and value. 

Ready to scale your brillance?

We need you to feel confident leading your people based on your worldview.  Let's create an HR strategy that will bring out your unique values.

I help amazing entrepreneurs build their dream company culture.

Entrepreneurs     /     CEOs     /     Executive Directors     /     Agencies     /     Creatives     /     Consultants
People and organizations that are changing the world by doing business a different way.

Here's what previous clients say about working with me. . .

I have had the pleasure of working with Candice Elliott on a variety of issues impacting the economic health and well-being of Santa Cruz County. Candice provides a sense of total engagement on the issues at hand and it was through these interactions that I reached out to her for HR services.  It is with pleasure that I recommend Candice for  your human resource needs.
 - Casey Beyer, CEO, Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce
I love how you talk about human resources.  You make it more relevant and relatable to my non-profit!
 - Darrie Ganzhorn, Executive Director, Homeless Garden Project

The F&F HR System


Starting from the ground up, we first work on these core elements:
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment Agreement
  • Job Descriptions
After our kick off meeting, I will send you drafts of each of these documents.  Once you've been able to review them I will incorporate your feedback so that they are tailored to your needs.  Usually this process takes about a month.​


In order to train your managers on your company's HR policies, we start by defining those policies.  Over the course of a month we develop the following:
  • Beginning Employment Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring
  • Employee Lifecycle Feedback & Coaching, Reviews, Raises & Promotions, Corrective Action (Discipline), Terminations, Resignations
  • Health, Accidents & Emergencies Safety at Work, Leaves of Absence, Harassment Response, Leadership during an Emergency
Once we've established these policies, I meet with your managers once a week for 4 weeks and train them on how they work using best practices in HR and answering all their questions.​


Recognizing that different companies have different needs after the training phase, optimization can look a lot of different ways.

Compensation Analysis create wage ranges and tiers for each position in the organization by researching what similar companies pay for those jobs and benchmarking them based on industry standards. We take into account the local economy to create a system that attracts and keeps staff, and creates equity in compensation across all your employees.
Parental Leave and Medical Leave is when we handle your employee's transition out of and back into work during parental or medical leave. Having strong and consistent communication up to and during parental and medical leave helps employees maximize their disability benefits and create a smoother transition back to work after the leave ends.
Harassment Response is when we handle the initial information gathering when there is a concern that harassment may have occurred in the workplace. By immediately gathering information from the complainant, alleged harasser, and witnesses, you can make an informed decision about what should happen next. We can also connect you with legal resources should you need them.
Employee Handbook Update is pretty self-explanatory. This is when we take a look at your handbook and update it based on the most recent requirements.
Performance Management is when we work with you to refine your system for reviews, raises and promotions. Whether that means establishing annual reviews, implementing 360 degree reviews, or finding a software that automates this process, we'll find the best solution for your organization.

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Groundwork $2K
Groundwork & Training $6K
(payment plans available)
We are an established business but in the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic we were unsure how to manage our workforce. In a time when there was so much change and uncertainty with employment Candice was up to date on all the changes and confident about our options to make sure our employees were cared for and our business protected. Her guidance helped us feel comfortable we were making the best decisions in a very chaotic time.
Cara Pearson
Vice President, Pacific Cookie Company

A look behind the curtain . . .

Hi!  I'm Candice Elliott, a community-driven HR strategist.  I've been fascinated with the magic of business almost my whole adult life.  I started my first successful business at 23.  My degrees are in Anthropology & Philosophy (BA)  and Human Resources & Labor Relations (MBA).  And now, 15+ years of working with businesses later, I'm honored to help entrepreneurs like you create sustainable management systems based on your unique worldview.
I'm passionate about helping people like me - entrepreneurs and small business owners - transform their dreams into reality.My greatest talent is the ability to draw out the unique elements in your company that will attract and keep your employees. 
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Candice is professional, well-informed, responsive, and community-minded. She provides comprehensive and high quality HR consulting services and generously shares her expertise through her work with non-profit organizations, community workshops, and her electronic newsletter.
Brooke Sampson
Former Executive Director, Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes
Joseph Elliott
CEO, Elliott Management
Candice has developed a very smooth process that kept me actively engaged.  Before working together I was scrambling to bring on qualified construction professionals.  After working together I have systems in place that save time, enable me to trust while holding my employees accountable, and let me focus on important things like business development.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I wish I could afford this, but not yet. What else do you have for me?

Have no fear, friend! I understand that my 1-on-1 work isn’t the right fit for everyone. In fact, I only agree to work with a small portion of people who contact me. If you’re looking for a smaller investment and still want to develop your community-driven HR system, check out my HR Healer and Building Blocks courses.

How much time do I need to allocate to our project?

Honestly, it depends on the project and the entrepreneur. For the first two months of working together, we’ll meet more often (typically every other week.) Subsequent months usually require monthly strategy sessions. In between, I may ask you to gather information, give feedback, or answer questions.

When can we start?

This varies! Typically, I am booked out about 30 days in advance. Other times, we can start sooner, sometimes later. Please schedule your Clarity Call to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Do you create custom packages?

I do! After our first two months together, which are dedicated to culture and HR system design, we can move onto whichever projects will create the most ROI for you. This can include recruitment, compensation analysis, benefits revamp, etc.