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Put your pay

Fire out now

Are you losing employees, having trouble hiring or confused about raises?

If you suspect that your pay rates are causing you to have high turnover, lose employees or have trouble hiring, we can put that fire out within 1 week.

Get Clarity to Make Pay Decisions

In the Pay Clarity Package you'll receive a comprehensive pay report that includes vetted information about comparable pay rates for companies of your size in your industry and location.  You'll also get a 1 hour session with Candice where she'll help you put it into practice immediately.

This will help you. . .

  • Enact equitable raises across your company now

  • Attract awesome new hires

  • Retain your star employees

  • Feel relief knowing how your numbers stack up to the market


If you don't have time or aren't ready to invest in building out a whole transparent pay system, this can help you get started.  If within one year you would like to build out a sustainable, equitable pay system, the cost of the Pay Clarity Package will go toward that.



We've brought pay clarity to these organizations:

This isn't just about giving you numbers and leaving you scrambling to figure out what to do with them.  The Pay Clarity Package is about making informed near and long term decisions for reciprocity that are aligned with your values and profitability.  Here are some of the results we can work toward together:


  • Showing compassion for the rising cost of living by adjusting pay for inflation

  • Creatively planning for raises, bonuses and benefits in the new year (example: did you know that you can contribute $5250 toward your employee's student loan debt pre-tax?)

  • Saving up to two years of salary for each employee who doesn't leave your company by having competitive pay and reducing turnover

  • Reducing the amount of time and energy that is lost on candidates who don't accept your job offers and those that leave soon after hire


    The bottom line is, you don't know what you don't know, but when we get together working with real numbers we can find creative solutions.

Save Time, $$, and Energy

with Candice's Support


Word on the street. . .

Valuable Resource


"If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make fair and equitable pay a priority, you need this tool in order to understand the context and landscape."

- Kara, Entrepreneur

Santa Cruz Local



"The best thing about the conversation with Candice is that I feel inspired.  We don't just have to keep doing what isn't working.  Now we have goals for the future and a new path forward for hiring, raises and benefits."

- Ariel, Owner

Botanic and Luxe

"You have helped me make a big change that I've wanted to do for a long time but didn't have the tools for.  Thank you!"

-Lauren, Executive Director

Rape Crisis Center of Monterey County

Quick Turnaround


"Thank you for this information, Candice!  This is so helpful. I'm excited to review it and discuss further with you next week."

- Meredith, Owner





1. Where does the information come from?

The Economic Research Institute's Salary Assessor.  This is employer reported data that is updated every six weeks, and can be adjusted based on your eSIC industry code, location and revenue.  This is the most reliable, comparable data available to ensure your pay rates are competitive in the market.


2. I have hourly employees?  Would this information apply to me?

Yes!  We create reports for both hourly and salaried employees.


3. I'm not a big corporation / I'm a non-profit / my employees are in unique locations/ etc.  Will this actually apply to me?  

Yes!  Whatever the unique circumstances that apply to your organization, this report will apply to your specific situation.  If it doesn't we'll give you a full refund.


4. What if the job title in my company doesn't match the one in the report?

The system that we use has job descriptions associated with each job title.  When this happens (and it does!) we will send you all the relevant jobs that are similar to the title you provided.


5. How long does this take?

Once you purchase your report with us we will send you a quick questionnaire to get all the details about your business.  Turnaround from payment to report is 1 week.


6. What does the report look like?

The report is a PDF or an Excel document with a data table.  It includes:

  • Wage rates for all of the jobs in your organization

  • Incentive pay for all of the jobs in your organization

  • Pay for years of experience

  • Pay rates will be tailored to up to 3 locations of your choice and to your organization's current revenue


7. What will you cover in our hour together?

Using the results of the report, well look at how you're paying your employees and identify how to use this information to give equitable raises now, attract the best new hires and retain your current employees.



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