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Support your team with values-based capacity building and leadership development
If you're looking into a VIP day with me there's something in your organization that is working, but it could be so much better. There are some gaps in training and development with your team and you want to bring in expert support to help them get to the next level.
But. . . things get in the way. First, finding someone who you trust who can deftly facilitate a productive conversation with all the personalities in the room is hard to find. Second, TIME, time to find the person, time to figure out if they're the right fit, and then time to set aside with the team. And then there's your regular operations to think about. . .

I get it. I've been there myself! A VIP day with me helps you increase the capacity of your team to better meet the challenges you face with values-aligned, strategic conversations. Some of the things that we can cover include:

  • Streamlining the recruiting and hiring process with your internal team

  • Getting everyone's actions aligned for upcoming Annual Performance Reviews

  • Doing an in-depth training with you're in-house HR Coordinator/Manager or a Department Director on things they have never done and will be responsible for moving forward (maternity leave, performance improvement plan, terminations, setting up a training program, benefits renewal, employee files audit, etc.)

  • A series of conversations around aligning your team's actions with your overarching goals

If you're feeling a resounding "yes" then this VIP Day was created just for you

Your VIP Day Includes

Our VIP day starts with a one-hour conversation about your goals, where you want your team to be and a discussion of ways we can get them there.


Once we have decided on the objectives, I will send you a draft curriculum and presentation for your review. After your review I will incorporate your feedback and then we'll be off to the races!

The VIP Day itself is up to four hours in person (within 1 hour drive from Santa Cruz, CA), or virtual.  Ready to get started?  Let's talk about what you're looking fo



Investment $5000

I appreciate Candice’s professional and warm approach to project management. I enjoyed collaborating with her! She delivered a clear, grounded presentation to our audience of nonprofit employers with meaningful takeaways. She related the material to the pandemic context of today’s work world.

Susie Polnaszek, Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

I greatly appreciate the information that I received from Candice Elliott, of Fortress and Flourish, during the webinar on nonprofit hiring, presented by the Community Foundation. The webinar covered lots of details on how to write a job description, a job announcement (I didn't know there was a difference before the webinar!), and what the hiring process should include. I also received a  one-on-one consultation with Candice, which was fantastic. She helped me write the job description and announcement, and gave me other really valuable information. I look forward to working with her again, one day.
Shirmanie Jones, Director, Arts Habitat

Word On The Street


Candice Elliott helps impact-driven leaders grow their team with values-aligned HR best practices.  She focuses on increasing employee retention, making work more meaningful, and of course saving $$.


Her background is in HR.  She has a Masters in HR from Penn State, the Senior Professional certification in California and has worked in the field for more than 10 years.  During the Pandemic, she supported the small business and non-profit community by giving 100s of hours of assistance to help meet the challenges of the changing world of work. 


Candice lives and works on the unceded land of Popeloutchom, home to the Awaswas speaking Uypi Ohlone, recently called Santa Cruz, California.

About Candice

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