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Let's Lead Together A La Carte Options

To meet the shifting needs of your organization, these optional add-ons are available as needed throughout the year:

  • Leadership Strategy Sessions

  • Employee Development Group Sessions

  • Employee Support Sessions

  • HR Policy & Documentation Writing and Editing

    1. Covers writing and editing any customized HR documentation such as: Job Descriptions, Offer Letters, Standard Operating Procedures, Employee Warnings and Performance Improvement Plans, etc.

  • Employee Handbook Update

    1.  Covers updating the employee handbook with additional policies should the needs of the organization change during the course of the year.  This can be necessary when an organization grows and needs to follow additional federal, state and local guidelines.​

  • Compensation Analysis

    1. ​A comprehensive compensation report that includes market research on each position at the organization based on the market rates for your industry, location, and revenue.  

    2. Also includes an analysis of pay rates and ranges within the organization as they relate to one another's roles and responsibilities.

  • Employee Onboarding

    1. Assistance with job offer and wage negotiations

    2. Setting new employee up on all systems

    3. Handling communication during the first week to help the employee transition smoothly into their new role

  • Employee Termination

    1. Development of documentation for the termination

    2. Preparing for the termination meeting to secure the resources of the organization

    3. Assisting with the termination meeting and ending employment with the individual

  • Employee Corrective Action (Discipline)

    1. Development of documentation for the warning or performance improvement plan

    2. Preparing for the meeting

    3. Assisting with the corrective action meeting and follow-up as needed

  • Facilitation of Annual Employee Reviews

    1. Project manage employee reviews

    2. Communicate with leadership, managers and staff

    3. Review and revise documentation

    4. Advise on employee review meetings

  • Medical Insurance Renewal

    1. Communication with medical insurance provider regarding rate increases/plan changes

    2. Notification to employees of changes and open enrollment options

    3. Following up with employees and insurance provider regarding changes

  • Disability / Pregnancy Leave

    1. Preparing documentation and responding to correspondence in a timely manner (including writing a disability leave policy if there is none in place)

    2. Educating employer and employee on rights and responsibilities including notifications, disability applications, and returning to work

    3. Meeting with the employee up to three times to facilitate the transitions out of and back to work

    4. Being available to the employer and employee for the duration of the process to help with any questions, comments or concerns that come up

  • Employee Offsite

    1. Booking event space, tickets, meals, arranging transportation (price of rentals/tickets/meals/transport not included)

    2. Developing communications and itinerary with leadership to announce the offsite and being the point of contact for employee questions

    3. Facilitating day-of including handling timing, direction, logistics and communication with the venue

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