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Human Resources Mentorship


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This mentorship is for you if you are heading up an HR Department of 1, and you're looking for support from an experienced Senior Professional in Human Resources who can help you through those sticky HR situations.

You're 6 months, a year, maybe a few years in, and suddenly you're experiencing a lot of firsts. Maybe you're handling your first termination, first open enrollment, first worker compensation claim, maybe you've got a tricky employee relations issues that you're not quite sure how to handle.  Maybe you've gotten some policy language from an attorney or SHRM or your payroll provider but it doesn't quite fit the tone and culture of the team you work with.

You want someone to call when your boss asks you for something, and you're not quite sure how to do it.  This is exactly the kind of support that helped me grow the most when I was early on in my HR career.  I was hired as an HR Manager with 0 years of HR experience and had just gotten into the Masters in HR program at Penn State.  Thankfully, I had an aunt who was a Human Resources Director for a small city in Florida and could call her up with my practical questions.  But not all of us have that, so that's why I created this mentorship program.

Here's how it works
The program runs for 12 months.  During our year together, you get 12 one-on-one HR mentorship support sessions.  These sessions are focused on helping you with the challenges that are facing you now.  Sometimes you'll need more support than other times, so you can use the sessions whenever you need them. 

The program also includes 12 hours of HR policy and process writing and research, so we can shore up the documentation in your department.  Lastly, you get ongoing email support for the HR questions and concerns you have between calls.


Why 12 months?
It takes time to make significant progress as an HR professional.  Some months it'll seem like everything is happening at once, and other times things will be slower.  We spend 12 months together so that we can work through the full annual cycle of your HR responsibilities.  This way we cover everything at least once.

When can I start?
That depends on availability.  If I'm currently accepting applications, then I have at least one spot available.  I only mentor a few people at a time so that I can give the best quality help to those I'm serving.

Awesome!  Tell me a little bit about yourself:


"Candice trained me during my very first weeks as a Human Resources Manager.  She had built out The Glass Jar's HR program during her time as our HR Manager and has been an amazing resource to me as I have taken over her responsibilities.  I'm now 5 years in and I still come to her with my questions
Rachael Ramirez, HR Manager

The Glass Jar



If for any reason you're not satisfied with the mentorship, you can cancel anytime.


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