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Are you "HR" in your company

but you feel like you're in way over your head?

  • Frantically looking up labor law, templates and best practices when something new comes up

  • Going to the experts for help, but getting advice that isn't helpful

  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do

  • Overruling your instincts or morals because you need to be compliant

  • Frustrated by department managers who don't get it

You or someone on your team has DIYed HR at your company as your team has grown, and the cracks are beginning to show.  You know you're missing things and it's time to bring in support. 

But you hate how HR is at most companies so you're hesitant to hire anyone to help. 

That's where I come in.  Let me help you build your roadmap to a healthy workplace where you, your team, and your company thrive.

In the HR mentorship program,  I support your growth as a people-centered HR professional with HR best practices that help you attract and keep the best people by balancing compliance with caring for your people as whole humans.  This helps you hire better, keep people longer, and make better decisions around pay, benefits & employee relations.  You're also supported through the difficult times that come with working in HR - from the first time you have to fire someone, to the first time you do a maternity leave, to the first time you really have an ethical dilemma show up in your HR work.

I bring over a decade of experience in the HR field, having worked with small businesses, non-profits and the public sector.  My clients have included tech companies, architecture and landscape design firms, early childhood education agencies, cities, counties, special districts, retailers, music festivals, conservation organizations, veterans organizations, restaurants, breweries, doctors, professional groups and unions to name a few.  I'm especially excited to work with folks who are new to HR & heading up a department of 1, to share the real-life practical experience and knowledge that I've gained over the last 10+ years.


Our Mentees:

Handle your tricky HR situations together, focusing on both compliance and strong employee relations

Build your confidence to participate in high-level, strategic conversations by getting you the resources and education you need

Center the humanity of the people on your team every step of the way so that you feel good about the relationships that you are building for the future

Tackle the policy writing and editing that keeps getting put on the back burner


Together We Will

During the Mentorship you'll receive:

  • Monthly 1:1 calls that are focused on your unique HR needs

  • Ongoing email support between sessions for HR questions that come up

  • Emergency phone support

  • Customizable templates to help draft and implement policies, procedures and trainings

Minimum 6 month commitment

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the mentorship, you can cancel anytime.


Interested?  Apply here:


"Candice trained me during my very first weeks as a Human Resources Manager.  She had built out The Glass Jar's HR program during her time as our HR Manager and has been an amazing resource to me as I have taken over her responsibilities.  I'm now 5 years in and I still come to her with my questions
Rachael Ramirez, HR Manager

The Glass Jar

Why would I do an HR Mentorship?

You're 6 months, a year, maybe a few years in, and suddenly you're experiencing a lot of firsts. Maybe you're handling your first termination, first open enrollment, first worker compensation claim, maybe you've got a tricky employee relations issue that you're not quite sure how to handle.  Maybe you've gotten some policy language from an attorney or SHRM or your payroll provider, but it doesn't quite fit the tone and culture of the team you work with.

You want someone to call when your boss asks you for something, and you're not quite sure how to do it or if you are the boss, and you know you're out of your league.  This is exactly the kind of support that helped me grow the most when I was early on in my HR career.  I was hired as an HR Manager with 0 years of HR experience and had just gotten into the Masters in HR program at Penn State.  Thankfully, I had an aunt who was a Human Resources Director for a small city in Florida and could call her up with my practical questions.  But not all of us have that, so that's why I created this mentorship program.


Why 6 months?
It takes time to make significant progress as an HR professional.  Some months it'll seem like everything is happening at once, and other times things will be slower.  We spend a minimum of 6 months together so that we can work through full cycles of your HR responsibilities.

When can I start?
That depends on availability.  If I'm currently accepting applications, then I have at least one spot available.  I only mentor a few people at a time so that I can give the best quality help to those I'm serving.



About Candice

Hi there!  I'm Candice Elliott, CEO and principal consultant here at Fortress and Flourish.  My background in Human Resources includes a Masters in HR from Penn State, the Senior Professional in HR Certification from HRCI, and over 10 years of experience partnering with small businesses, non-profits, and public sector organizations to implement people-centered, values aligned HR programs.

I'm excited to be able to offer this HR Mentorship to help support the growth of the next generation of HR professionals.  Interested in learning more about my approach?  Check out my podcast, The Hearth.

Got questions?

I'd love to connect with you, either through email or on a call to talk through your questions and to learn more about what you're challenged by.  

Learn more. . .

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