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Let's identify the most impactful next step you can take toward  preventing burnout for you and your team.


Did you know that there are 5 indicators of a healthy workplace? They include:

  • Good communication

  • Trust

  • Balance between work and life

  • Appreciation

  • Culture of learning and growth

These are the things that workers today are looking for, and they are part of our ethical responsibility as business leaders to provide. If you create an environment with these things centered, people are much more likely to stay with you, to keep going when things inevitably get tough, and to really contribute to the impact that you want to create in the world.

How will my consult work?


Each Burnout Buster session is customized to exactly the needs of your organization.

I'm not copy and pasting some one-size-fits-all process.

That's why we spend time together so that I can get to know the ins and outs of your particular situation.

So, your next step will be unique to you as a leader, to the needs of your team, and with your organization's impact in mind.

Book this session with me to create your roadmap to a healthy culture at work that will help you, your team and your organization can thrive.

Here's what people say about working with me:

Before working with Candice I was faced with challenges I did not know how to navigate on my own.  Now I feel confident in my HR decisions, and my employees feel taken care of and supported.  Candice’s knowledge, skills and services have helped protect my business which has enabled us to continue to grow and serve our community.

- Jennalee Dahlen, Owner, Yoso Wellness

Candice provides a sense of total engagement on the issues at hand.  

- Casey Beyer, CEO Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce

I love how you talk about human resources.  You make it more relevant and relatable!  
- Darrie Ganzhorn, ED, Homeless Garden Project

Official Bio

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3rd Person Style

Candice Elliott helps impact-driven leaders grow their team with values-aligned HR best practices.  She focuses on increasing employee retention, making work more meaningful, and of course saving $$.


Her background is in HR.  She has a Masters in HR from Penn State, the Senior Professional certification in California and has worked in the field for more than 10 years.  During the Pandemic, she supported the small business and non-profit community by giving 100s of hours of assistance to help meet the challenges of the changing world of work. 


Candice lives and works on the unceded land of Popeloutchom, home to the Awaswas speaking Uypi Ohlone, recently called Santa Cruz, California.

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