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Choosing People and Profits

"We have systems and beliefs founded in systems that say that we have to do business a certain way. We have to treat this as an ethical problem of mistreatment of humans." - Faith Clarke

Faith Clarke and I discuss

-The distinction between engagement with work, and engagement with community at work

-Contrasting working "for" and working "with"

-How delegating actually increases turnover

-Decoupling humans as resources in your business, and supporting the wellbeing of humans who work

Want to uncover what's at the root of your early turnover? Faith is offering a workshop to help teams understand their obstacles and create a plan for alignment. Learn more and apply here:

If you need to make a business case for prioritizing people, share some data with me, and I'll give you your Turnover BEAST calculation (how much it costs you to lose people):

This video is the third in a series of 4 videos. One will be released each week in November 2022.

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