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Client Spotlight: Elliott Managmenet

With experience dating to 1985, EM understands the interrelationships between cost, time, scope, project team and contracts. This understanding forms the basis for managing projects in an integrated manner. With this approach owners make informed decisions that maximize design impact while controlling cost and schedule.

Integral to our management approach is proactive communication that is timely, consistent and productive. As issues develop they are discussed regularly with owners and together we

devise solutions based on the owner’s objectives. Our monthly reports containing detailed cost and schedule information provide a clear picture of progress throughout the project. Communication with consultants and contractors is consistent in the message of meeting commitments, pushing the schedule, minimizing cost and addressing issues quickly and thoroughly. By establishing and fostering open and frequent communication, the client controls a productive team that delivers the project the owner expects.

Elliott Management is energetic, competitive and flexible while being grounded in the discipline of organization. We are dedicated to completing successful building projects by providing consistently exceptional services while developing long-term client relationships.

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