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Client Spotlight: Soif Wine Bar and Merchants

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Since opening, our goal at Soif Wine Bar & Merchants® has been to provide a comfortable place to drink great wine, enjoy some thoughtful cocktails and eat food that is as good as the drink. Then, if the wine is to your liking, to be able to buy some from our wine

shop and take it home. When it comes to wines, we want those that are a challenge to find: reflective of their origin, expressive of the vineyard and the vintage and the traditions of their region, wines that are not a commodity, but limited and handmade, wines of great provenance and flavor.

Our food is local and seasonal – we have always taken great pride in showcasing our Santa Cruz area farmers and purveyors. Our chef aims to let the colors, flavors and textures shine on the dish with little manipulation by the kitchen. The result? Beautiful, simple and delicious food. The bar takes a page from the kitchen. Our menu of classic and modern creations is inspired by high quality, artisanal spirits, modern mixology and ingredients from local purveyors. Plus, we make a lot in-house, infusing our own spirits and making our own bitters while we constantly experiment with new ingredients and methods.

For us, the fun is in finding the wines, sourcing and making memorable food, creating new cocktails and concoctions behind the bar and then putting it all together so when our guests walk through the door, night after day, there is something here for them that is real, that satisfies their thirst for the soulful, the delicious, and the well-made.

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