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Client Spotlight: Workbench

Unique, innovative, and energetic.

Workbench is a concept to completion building studio in Santa Cruz, CA. We manage every detail of your building project: feasibility studies, property development, architectural design, general contracting, and construction management. From multi-family housing to single family homes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), mixed-use community spaces, and

commercial tenant improvements, Workbench works better. Every great build starts with a great design. Let's get to work, together.

Built from collaboration.

Workbench began as a collaboration. After developing decades of collective experience, architect Jamileh Cannon and construction superintendent Tim Gordin met while working on a 330 unit multi-family project in San Francisco, connecting over their love of building and community-building. Brought together by shared values, they partnered to form Workbench in Santa Cruz. Their founding ethos: a shared desire to build for good, using design and construction to enhance neighborhoods and grow communities. Inspired by the environment around us. Our favorite new buildings feel native to their site, naturally interwoven with their surroundings while brightening street life and offering the opportunity for new community and individual experiences. We design modern buildings in a manner that acknowledges context, designing with a respect for community and individual needs, with appreciation for local history and lore, and with reverence for the natural environment of the Central California coast.

Concept to completion.

We’re the only design-develop-build firm in Santa Cruz. Founded by an architect and a general contractor, our comprehensive understanding of the building industry gives us an innovative, streamlined workflow: allowing us to stay on track and offering efficiencies along the way. Modern in approach and believers in the community potential of place-making, our office buzzes with energy for what we do.

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