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F&F Q&A: How do I do a working interview?

Working with a local non-profit recently I got the question, how do I do a working interview? The organization had just created a new position and wanted to include a working interview as part of the interview process. Here are a few things to think about if you're considering having a working interview:

  1. Decide on 5 or less criteria you are using to assess the candidate (teamwork, communication, person/job fit, etc) I typically recommend a rating scale of 1 - 4

  2. Schedule the interview to last between 2 - 4 hours

  3. Notify the candidate of the Working Interview Time and send them a Working Interview Release form to be returned before the interview

  4. Notify bookkeeping of the Working Interview and request a check that pays at least minimum wage for the entire time set aside for the working interview

  5. Send the assessor the assessment criteria and give them the check

  6. Follow up with the assessor after the interview on their ratings of the candidate and ensure the check has been given to the candidates

  7. Follow up with the candidate to either make a job offer or decline employment

At minimum, the working interview release should include the candidate's name, the position for which they are applying, the date and duration of the interview, the assessor's name and how they should meet them for the interview, the payment that they will receive for the interview, an acknowledgement that this is not an offer of employment, and steps you will take with them after the interview is complete.

Want to learn more about the interview process? Check out HR Building Block: Attract Awesome People

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