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F&F Q&A: What should be in a job description vs. employment agreement?

Working with a local non-profit organization, the question of the job description came up. What to include? What not to include? And what should be in a job offer letter or employment agreement?

Here are 8 things that should definitely be included in the job description:

Job Title

Employment Type: Hourly/Salary, Exempt/Non-Exempt, Permanent/Temporary

Pay Rate

Overview: an overarching description of the position and how it fits into the larger structure of the organization

Responsibilities: a list of the main areas where the employee has responsibilities and what those are

Physical Requirements: such as the need to sit, stand, type, walk, work in a hot environment, etc.

Employee Signature: I have read, understand and believe that I can perform the duties of the above position.

Manager Signature

Here are some things that you would want to include in an employment agreement:

Medical, Dental, Vision insurance offering

401K or other retirement benefit offering

Paid Time Off offering

Employment contingencies such as fulfilling a training period or following the company handbook

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