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Got Turnover?

We've got a way to fix that!

Faith Clarke, organizational and inclusion specialist, shares her perspective on fostering belonging and community through intentionally designed rituals in the workplace.

We discuss what's missing in onboarding, the effect of the industrial revolution on the purpose of work, what helps people connect to community, and how to use team meetings to orient ourselves toward each other.

The long and short of it is that rituals are already happening at your workplace. They're just happening by default rather than design if you haven't put the time into creating them intentionally. This is how you get whole teams that won't say anything when the boss is in the room, or the group of people who tell the newbie how it actually works when onboarding doesn't help them start their job.

But there is hope, Faith is offering a workshop to help teams understand their obstacles and create a plan for alignment. Learn more and apply here.

If you need to make a business case for prioritizing people, share some data with me here, and I'll give you your Turnover BEAST calculation.

This video is the first in a series of 4 videos. One will be released each week in November 2022. You can find the rest of them here.

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