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Hiring and Firing Best Practices

The processes of hiring and ending employment are the first and last contact your employees have with your company. During the hiring process, the employee is getting to know what it will be like to work for you, what your standards are, and what your company is all about. When employees leave, you give them their last experience with your company, something that will stick with them when they are gone. Here are three things that you can do to help streamline these processes in your company.

Have Standard Processes

Having standard processes means that everyone in your company goes through a standard set of procedures. Typically this begins with an employment application. An application gives you basic information about the people applying to work for you, and can be tailored to your business's specific needs. Next, candidates for employment typically go through one or more interviews. This is a time when you can learn more about candidate's experience, qualifications and determine whether they are the right fit for the company. Then, when a person is offered a position they receive a job offer which should include a job description (see objective job criteria below) and a copy of the Employee Handbook (see other post on Employee Handbooks). Finally, on their first day, employees should be oriented to their new workplace, their new coworkers, and their new job.

Develop Objective Job Criteria

Having objective job criteria means that you outline the expectations you have for each position within the company. Typically this is done by creating a job description which lists the primary functions of the position. There are many standard job descriptions available online but it is best to tailor these to the specific needs that you have in your company for the position. You want to make sure the job description accurately reflects the job you want performed.

Treat Everyone The Same

Having standard processes and objective job criteria helps you to create a work environment where all employees are treated equally. By holding all of your staff to the same objective criteria you ensure that you are making decisions for your company with everyone’s best interest in mind. With clearly defined expectations you can have clear conversations with staff about areas of growth, areas of excellence, and areas where change needs to happen immediately.

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