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Investments in the Tech Industry in the HR Space and Algorithmic Bias

According to HR Brews, a twice-weekly Human Resources newsletter, there is a decline in investment in tech overall but there's an increase in investment in HR solutions in tech. You can read the full article here.

Using an Algorithm for Hiring. How does this work?

This has been a topic that has come up a lot recently. Essentially, someone who is looking for a job would submit a video of themselves along with their resume. Next, the algorithm goes in and decides for you who you should and shouldn't interview.

I watched a video recently about a woman who studied faces and found that the facial recognition software that she was using wasn't recognizing her face as a face. She is a black woman. She found that facial recognition worked best with white men, then white women, men of color next and lastly, women of color. To watch the full video, click here.

My Concerns About This Bias in the World of Hiring

When you transfer this bias into the world of hiring my concern is, will there be more diversity, more equality, fairness and justice? Or will this only perpetuate our systems of oppression?

If this is a system you're looking into for hiring, my recommendation is to vet the process. Do your research. Ask about algorithmic bias, ask about how names that aren't western centric are going to be processed by the algorithm, and ask about how the videos are going to be processed as well.

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