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New Hire Just Quit 👿

You found the perfect person

✅great fit for the job

✅great fit for the company

✅great fit with you

And then out of nowhere, they quit leaving you in the lurch, scrambling, under water. Now on top of everything else you're up at night yourself, "what happened?"

In this week's video with Faith Clarke, she shares her take on this phenomenon. We discuss how to create an inclusive environment for new staff that's founded in your company's values, and how to demonstrate the safety of your workplace through your actions. Watch this video if you've ever lost an employee and were left wondering why.

Want uncover what's at the root of your early turnover? Faith is offering a workshop to help teams understand their obstacles and create a plan for alignment. Learn more and apply here:

If you need to make a business case for prioritizing people, share some data with me, and I'll give you your Turnover BEAST calculation (how much it costs you to lose people):

This video is the second in a series of 4 videos. One will be released each week in November 2022.


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