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Rebuilding during COVID

Many of us are starting to think about what it looks like to rebuild during COVID. Many are frustrated with the lack of communication about a clear plan for the future, or the delayed response from agencies meant to provide aid. Despite this uncertainty, you can work on your business's plan for rebuilding during the COVID-19 pandemic. In my conversations with business owners, I am advising them to prepare for some form of shelter order to be in place through the Fall. By taking this long view of recovery, business owners can create a plan which can always be accelerated if events allow.

Here are some things that you can do immediately:

Reach out to your elected officials. Whether this is your city, county, state or federal representatives, these people are public servants, and they want to hear what is happening from your perspective. If you don't tell them, they won't know.

Align yourself with industry groups. By supporting and engaging with these groups you join your voice with others that are trying to find a way through this new economy. Your industry will be able to provide you with best practices and resources specific to your needs.

Coordinate across sectors. Work with your partners to develop sustainable economic systems in your local economy. Santa Cruz has created a resource for businesses to sell gift cards. We have partnered with our local fabric store, Hart's Fabric, to make 10,000 masks for our emergency responders. Idea Fab Labs and Santa Cruz Bikes are producing face shields and protective equipment for emergency responders and businesses. It is amazing what we can do if we work together.

Work on your business. We all have projects that we set aside, or systems that we deal with that aren't perfect. This is a great time to work on all of these projects.

Your 90 Day Pivot Plan with Keith Holtoway - Santa Cruz County Small Business Development Center


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