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What is a Fractional Chief People Officer?

Fractional Chief People Officer (CPO)

For the growing organization that needs a high level of strategic HR support leading up to a big transition

You're at the head of an organization that is about to go through a big change. Maybe you're launching a new product and expanding your team, maybe you're letting go of a service that no longer works for your organization, or just generally making a big strategic change and in need of support for your people through that restructuring.

And during this change you want to work on streamlining things that haven't been working great in the past, or maybe they just haven't even existed. Could be SOPs, could be benefits, could be the pay structure, or any number of HR related systems. You need the brainpower of an expert in HR, but you probably don't need them forever, and you don't need them full time all the time.

That's where I come in. A fractional Chief People Officer is a business executive with expertise in organization and human resources management that partners with a CEO/CFO providing advisory, strategic leadership and human resources direction.

As a Fractional Chief People Officer, Candice supports your business with:

  • Creating a people strategy to increase profitability in growth

  • Assessing people and organizational effectiveness to increase performance

  • Building organizational capabilities, increasing leadership skills and employee engagement

  • Managing people cost with strategic workforce planning

  • Leading post-merger integration culture and talent plans

  • Reducing risks and increasing equality with values-aligned HR practices

  • Improving the HR function with coaching, mentoring and developing in-house HR staff

We work together to turn the page to the next chapter in your organization with HR best practices that will support you through your next phase. Think this might be the right fit for you? Let's have a *virtual* coffee and talk about where you're headed. Book Here.

If you're interested in getting HR updates and learning about how to work with me, sign up for my newsletter, here.

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