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Client Spotlight: Floasis

Floasis is a non-profit arts organization that provides classes, workshops and studio memberships to foster connection and community between artists. Floasis' intention is to provide a space where people work and support themselves by doing the thing that they love to do. (Because too many people are unhappy with their work and it shouldn't be that way!)

Late last year I got to interview Travis Adams, Founder of Floasis, as a part of writing their business plan. There were so many inspiring moments and phrases that came out of this conversation. Here are a few of my favorites:

"We are filling the gap that education is created by cutting more art programs. That is happening all over our country, and kids don't perform as well if they don't have their art fix. You can apply art and creativity to every subject. We are so backwards in the ways that we teach people things because we are not teaching them what they want to know. How are you ever going to inspire anyone like that? "

"One reason why I called the studio Floasis is because I want it to be in a space of constant change and constant flow. I imagine myself as a river rafting guide and I see people stranded on rocks, and they are like “I don't want to go anywhere. I don't know where the river is going. I could die out there!” And I'm like, “No, you got it. Come on. Let's go. It's going to be fun. I'll hold your hand for the first few steps. ”

"Art creates culture so in a sense we are shaping our realities by the things that we are creative with. There is so much impact with the things we make, how we interact with them and how we use them. Like for clay workers especially, we're saying fuck you to the plastics industry. This is not one time use. This will last for a million years."

"Design is important in everything that we do. Just living. It's almost like we are trying to promote a way of life. You notice it about potters, too. There's a certain way about potters. They seem to have a gentler perception of reality. Maybe they can embrace the temporary and the passing and the creation and destruction because they see so many cycles. In the clay process we see cycles."

Interested in learning more about the Wholistic HR system? Check out the HR Building Blocks HERE.

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