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Client Spotlight: Yoso Wellness

At Yōso Wellness Spa we aim to treat our clients with a holistic, clinical approach to healthy skin and a healthy body. Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, our skin—the largest organ of our bodies—tells us what is going on inside and out and we aim to solve your skin care concerns as such. We use only organic products that harness the healing powers of Mother Nature while targeting and treating specific skin and body conditions.

We have made a commitment to choosing products and practices that support a sustainable and ecologically responsible way of offering therapeutic treatments. We tailor each treatment to your specific goals and needs to make sure each visit is as special and unique as you. This approach will achieve positive changes in your body and skin all while improving its overall health, be it through nutrition, bodywork and skincare.

At Yōso Wellness Spa we understand that all ranges of skin concerns can have a profound impact on the way you feel about yourself. We offer focused skin care treatments, going a long way in protecting and repairing our client’s skin health as well as self-esteem. Everyone has their own unique skin, and we will customize your treatment to match. Our goal is for clients to feel the calmness, serenity and efficiency within our touch, as well as the effectiveness of the products. We want to motivate you to become your own home-esthetician through education about the skin and product ingredients as well as your own wellness provider to support your body’s health from bodywork to nutrition.

Established in 2012, the therapists of Yōso Wellness Spa bring an unprecedented level of service to the Santa Cruz Community. We are proud members of the Monterey Bay Green Business Program as well as the Eminence Green Spa Program, Think Local First – Santa Cruz County and the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce As well as recipients of the 2017 Good Times First place -Best Esthetician, 2016Good Times Best Of Awards runner up for Best Esthetician, Best Spa, 2015 Good Times Best Of Awards runner up for Best Esthetician, 2013 Good Times Best of Awards for runner up Best New Business, Best Facial, Best Spa and Best place to get Waxed.

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