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Empowering Growth In Your Non-Profit

When new funding comes in and allows you to grow, Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you.


The challenge now lies in effectively allocating these funds to grow your team while also ensuring the continued support and well-being of your existing staff.


The first thing you want to know is, is this funding a


a. continual source of funding or is it a

b. one and done kind of situation


If it is a continual source of funding you can look into adding additional benefit(s) to your benefit package. Another option could be offering a match to a retirement account. Perhaps you can raise compensation. A few other ideas could be to restructure your PTO and Holidays.


If the funds you will be receiving are a one time source of income consider putting it towards an investment that is not a recurring expense. Some examples could be a new piece of equipment, a company car or using that funding to bring in new funding by hiring grant writers.


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