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Daily Practices

Speaker: [00:00:00] Continuing the conversation around slowing down in order to be more effective in business. The next piece that I wanted to bring up is about daily practices. I've tried various different methods of tracking daily practices. Sometimes I'll get those monthly journals delivered and then I'll do four days of it and then forget about it for weeks and then come back to it.

I'm not wonderful at journaling daily or just having a calendar that's on the fridge really checking things off but I've been learning about through pregnancy and birth and motherhood and through that transition about daily practices is to incorporate into your day things that support the body. These can look like all different kinds of things for you depending on what it is that makes you feel safe and comfortable and gives you a sense of feeling healthy and whole in your body. The things that have helped me a lot are drinking a glass of water when I wake up which is something that I even now resist. I notice that when I do drink water first thing in the morning, I feel great, better that whole day. If coffee is my first [00:02:00] thing, it's just like the whole day has an edge to it. If I drink water first, my body's like thank you. It needed that. Having a consistent-ish wake-up time is something that Algernon has actually helped me with because I will sleep until noon if I have the chance to.

Algernon is a great alarm clock and he always pretty much gets up between 7:00 and 8:00. Rarely is he waking up before 7:00 or after 8:00. To me, that feels like a good wake-up time. Also, a part of the morning is that I love to take a shower. A warm shower makes my body feel really nice and comfortable. I also use oil before I get into the shower. Oiling is an Iveta practice. Iveta has this threefold way of looking at different types of bodies.

I encourage you to look into that if it's something that interests you but depending on your body type, there's this ideal daily way of living your life. Oiling is one of the things that's a part of that day. I make an herbal infusion oil that is olive oil and then I don't-- I started down the road of becoming an herbalist. Self-taught herbalist, many moons ago with essential oils and learned recently that essential oils--

I've always known this but they're very concentrated. You should only use a very little bit of them. Something that you can do instead with things that are just [00:04:00] growing in your garden is just put the plant material into the oil and then it will infuse into the oil. The one that I make has rose petals and lavender and rosemary and comfrey and calendula. There might be one other thing that I'm missing.

I just put all those things into a jar with smaller oil and let it sit in a coolish dark place and then pull it out and refill the bottle that I use as I need it. It really especially helps in areas where, for me, at least in my joints, I've noticed that my lymph system, the lymph system is what clears the waist and toxins out of the body, that the lymph in my armpits and in my knee, the back of my knees gets really backed up.

Oiling especially in those areas has helped me to be able to move that lymph through the body. The lymph is something that has to be manually moved in order for it to get out of the body. Using a brush to brush that outside of the skin helps with that. That's a whole another fun thing to look into if you're interested in it. Other things that have helped me as daily practices are taking a break in the middle of the day.

I feel like I get really [00:06:00] tired in the afternoon right after lunch. Having just some downtime in that zone is really beneficial for me and my body. Then another thing that I learned as a part of this postpartum experience is I saw a physical therapist for probably the first time in my life, maybe second time in my life. My first time as an adult for sure. She has taught me how to release muscle tension.

There's this thing that's called the Thera Cane which is amazing. It's a big cane like this and you get in your back muscles and your neck muscles. There's actually a joint in your neck right here that I didn't even think about it but of course, there's a joint there but those muscles, I guess can get really, really tense especially if you hold your attention in your neck like I do.

Just having a daily practice of muscle release has been really beneficial for me too. Those are some offerings, some things take them or leave them if you have any questions or comments or you wonder like, you mentioned this thing. Can you give me more resources? I would love to do that. Just reach out.

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