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4 Elements to an Awesome Employee Orientation (In Pictures)

Tell Your Story

Talk about why you started the company and all the steps it took for you to get there. Talk about how the work that you do makes the change that you want to see in the world.

Set the Standard

Tell your new employee about all the things that make your company unique. These are your cultural norms that may be obvious to you, but they take time to learn for someone who is new to a culture. For example, if your staff are usually 5 minutes early to meetings and spend time together before they start. Or if you're always 10 minutes late and you're trying to work on that as a company. Or if you work in an industry that is incredibly formal, but there are certain days or times when you don't expect that. Some companies go over the details of their employee handbook and those policies so that their new employees know what to expect.


Show them where they will be working, other parts of the building they may need to go to, where to find anything they might need, etc.


I mean what kind of an HR pro would I be if I didn't tell you to get all the paperwork done? More details on this part in my course HR Building Blocks.

Interested in learning more about the Wholistic HR system? Check out the HR Building Blocks HERE.

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