Hiring? 5 Proven Ways to Get the Word Out

Updated: Feb 6

First, I'm so excited for you that you are hiring! Creating jobs is one of the most meaningful things that I feel I get to do as a business owner. We are enabling people to support themselves and live the lives of their dreams. . . and they are helping us to achieve our business goals!

Before we even get to promoting your job, the first step is to develop a job ad. Job ads are a little different from job descriptions and I see them getting confused all the time. A job description is a legal document that describes the job that your employee will be doing for your company. A job ad is a more fun version of a job description. It should include the main responsibilities of the job, but also be enticing and attract the kinds of candidates you want for the position.

Once you have your job ad. . . how do you find the best employee? By getting the word out there! Here are 5 tried and true ways of promoting your open position:

Former Employees

Your former employees are awesome resources as you are looking to fill your current positions in two ways. First, they may be interested in working with you again! If they were awesome and you would love to have them back, let them know about your current open position. Second, they may have someone in their network who could be a good fit for your job. Tell them to let their friends and colleges know about the position and encourage them to apply.

Your Network

Your email subscriber list, client list, board of directors, etc are wonderful ways to promote your open position. Add a section to your monthly email or a special announcement about the job. Ask your network to share the open position with people they know. Include a link to a page on your website or a job post so that they can direct people where to apply.

Social Media

Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook posts are another way to get the word out, and are low cost. If you want to go the route of paid ads you can easily convert your post into a job ad on these sites.

Referral Incentive for Current Employees

Give your current employees $$ when you hire someone they refer to the company. The best way I have seen this work is when both the current employee and new employee receive a cash bonus after they have both stayed with the company for a predetermined amount of time. For example, one restaurant I work with gives $100 to their current employee and $50 to their new hire after the new hire and the current employee have worked for the company for three months. This helps retain existing staff, and brings new staff too!

Paid Services

The most popular are ZipRecruiter, Indeed and LinkedIn. Each of these services lets you set a weekly budget for your job ads. Based on how many ads you want to receive and how long you want to recruit for, you can adjust the weekly budget. I will typically start off with a lower budget and increase the cost over time depending on quality of the candidates. Depending on the open position I might also post on college job boards, Craigslist, local job boards, or other paid hosting sites.

I hope this helps you recruit for your open positions! If you've tried everything and are still not having luck, please reach out. We can work with you on your job ad and recruitment strategy to find you the right person for the position.

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