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Independent Contractor or Employee?

Trying to figure out what contractor laws apply to your 1099 employee, contractor worker, salaried contractor, or gig worker? Not quite sure what the independent contractor definition is and worried about misclassifying?

You're not alone! Watch this video to learn whether the person working for you is actually an independent contractor or an employee.

Here is the website that I reference in the video.

If you'd like some help figuring out whether the people working for you are independent contractors or employees, book a strategy session with me. We'll go through each of the tests that I describe in this video and come to a determination about whether you need to start paying your independent contractors as employees.

Are you ready to increase your impact and help your bottom line by keeping your people with you for the long run? Check out my Guide to Doing Work Differently with 4 leadership practices that treat people as humans not just bots.

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