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July 2020: Hiring Toolkit

In this series we will focus on the four main pieces of the hiring process: job, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding new employees.  The better we are at each of these steps the less likely it is we will bring someone into our company that just isn't the right fit.  As always our goal is to create systems that are fair for all built on best practices.

Each Monday, starting July 13, I will release the toolkit for the week, sending it to those of you who sign up to receive this information and posting the information on this website.

What exactly is the job that you are hiring for?  This week we look at understanding exactly what you will want this new person to be doing for your company.  We will look at the components of a job descriptions, and ways to define compensation and benefits for the position.

July 20: Recruiting

How do you find your new employee?  This week we learn about the difference between a job description and a job ad.  We look into tried and true ways of advertising for option positions, and how you can reach out and find the right person for your open position.

July 27: Interviewing

Interviewing can be one of the most fun or the most stressful parts of finding a new employee.  This week we look into typical interview questions, best practices around selecting candidates to interview, and communicating with candidates throughout the process.

August 3: Onboarding

Ok, so you have found your new employee!!  So exciting!  And now the next steps are to offer the position, (hopefully) have the offer accepted, and welcome your new employee into your company.  This week we look into how to write a job offer letter, strategies for negotiating pay, and what to do on your new employee's first day.


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