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Conflict Resolution: Repairing Divisions through Kinship and Seasonality

Conflict resolution strategies and conflict resolution in the workplace often leave a lot to be desired. Learn how to repair divisions through kinship and seasonality in this episode of The Hearth Podcast.

In this episode, we go on a journey to discover how to repair divisions within ourselves and our communities through kinship and seasonal practices. Here are some of the things I talk about::

  • Kin as more than just our biological family

  • Biases inherent in systems

  • Building reciprocal, regenerative relationships

  • The devaluation of land through commodification

  • Hearth protectors - Tomté & Domovoy

  • Stewarding land that was unceded

  • Seasonal shifts and aligning to the seasons

  • Tarot, Ayurveda and Daoist seasons

  • Spiritual alignment in business

  • The seasons of gestation, creation, transformation, integration and death/rebirth

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Another resource that I have for you is my Guide to Doing Work Differently. The guide takes you through four inquiries into how you can build a more sustainable and equitable work environment for yourself and your team. It's a great place to start.

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