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Eliminating Work Exhaustion: Creating Safe Space for Yourself and Others

What do you do when you've got all the signs of burnout? Maybe you're a parent, caregiver, physician, nurse, or just experiencing work, mental & emotional exhaustion. Learn how to take care of yourself by listening to this episode of The Hearth Podcast.

This week's episode explains that stress is not inherently bad, as the body is built to process stress, but chronic stress that affects the body on an ongoing basis can cause various physical issues. The show highlights the importance of establishing safety in the workplace to create a culture where people can thrive, and how chronic stress in the workplace can lead to physical health problems such as muscle tension, respiratory issues, heart problems, digestive issues, and reproductive issues. It also mentions other effects of chronic stress such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and getting sick more often. The show emphasizes that ongoing stress is unhealthy and can lead to burnout, and discusses the limited options people may face when dealing with burnout. It mentions the importance of completing cycles of stress and suggests using tools to manage stress effectively.