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Resourcing Yourself

Speaker: [00:00:00] The next part of this conversation that I wanted to touch on around slowing down in order to be more effective in your business is about, it's an extension of the last video that I put out, and it is aside from daily practices that help you to feel more comfortable and more embodied and more healthy, whole. It is about longer term practices that will resource you, ways to resource yourself in order to be able to respond to the changing dynamics of the world and the changing seasons of your business. Just even like threats that come your way, it's a crazy world, stuff happens, and if we are resourced in ourselves and in our bodies and feeling whole in who we are, then we're better able to meet those challenges when they come up.

One of the things that is essential as a resource is to nourish your body with foods that are healthy, and you can decide what healthy means for you and what that looks like. For me, what feels best in my body, and I think it comes out of [00:02:00] my history as a self-taught herbalist and as a garden witch, [chuckles] and an outdoors woman is growing my own food and cooking the food that I grow. Gardening, growing food, it's a practice. It's a lifelong learning, it's something that I've had teachers who have shared with me their wisdom and their practices, and I've incorporated some of those and left others.

Watering the garden needs to happen like every second day, every third day in order for the plants to keep growing. I notice that when I'm intentional about watering and spending time with each plant, the garden is much happier. Having an herbal garden of herbs that I use, like lavender to make tea in order to help me sleep, chamomile for the same reason, rosemary, which is a rejuvenating sense and rose and calendula, which is great for the skin, and comfrey which heals wounds, and yarrow which is also great for stopping bleeding and all of these different herbs.

In addition to growing like zucchini, and I love artichoke [00:04:00] plants, I think they're so cool. I think the artichoke is probably one of the silliest things to grow for the amount of water that it takes to grow it, versus the amount of actual body of the fruit that you get to eat [laughs] but they're so pretty and when they bloom, they're just like- my artichokes are just about to bloom and I'm driving through artichoke fields right now so it's on my mind. For sure for me, one of those practices is not just choosing food from farmer's markets, from people who I know who have grown food in biodynamic and sustainable ways, but also growing food myself in my garden, in my house.

Actually in Santa Cruz where I live, because I know not everyone has garden space, but in the park down the street from our house, there's a community garden, and so folks who live in apartments and condos and don't have space for gardening there's space on plots there, and they get to grow so many beautiful things and we get to see them, which is really cool. There were these amazing, beautiful peas that someone was growing recently, and all these beautiful flowers and vegetables. Another piece to this, which is something that I am learning, is about minerals.

Minerals are vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, calcium, all these different things, zinc, magnesium, things that our body needs in order to regenerate itself and there are things that we can run low on, [00:06:00] and in order to absorb certain kinds of minerals, it uses other minerals. You can be getting, for example, taking a vitamin D supplement and then that will kill the amount of another mineral that there is in your body, and so if you're not adding that in, then you end up more depleted in this other area. Having enough minerals is an important thing, so I have a mineral drop supplement that I put in my water.

I've heard recently that that's not actually the best way to get minerals. Anyway, I'm still learning on the mineral front, but having the right composition of minerals in your body is important and as I understand, if you are a person who has given birth or a person who is forming a baby in you right now, the baby will take all of the minerals that it needs and it will leave you with none of them, and so that's a thing that you can test and you can do blood test or a hair sample test, I guess, to find out what the makeup is. That's definitely something that's on my list before we try to have a sibling for Algernon.

Then another more recent thing that I have been learning about is my ancestors and repairing breaks in ancestral lineage. There's a great book that's called Ancestral Medicine that I started reading, and I'm looking for a teacher in this realm, but the idea is that the ancestors [00:08:00] are here and some of them are available for us to have relationships with in order to have more connection with who we are basically, and where we've come from. Again, this is an area where I'm in the beginning of learning, but it's something that I've really felt a draw toward, especially after Algernon was born.

I feel like he is an ancestor and that he chose to come back to be with me and David for the early part of his life, and that it is a great honor for him to be with us. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about where we all come from. Through starting to travel down that path, I already just feel more whole, I think is the word. I know that there are awful and terrible things that have happened to my ancestors, and I now know more about what that is and when it happened. I'm particularly looking into my Swedish ancestry right now, and just the transition through Bronze Age and Iron Age and the Romans and the conquering of the world. [00:10:00] The transition to Christianity and doing away with the indigenous practices of that land.

I'm reading this particular book right now that's called [unintelligible 00:10:17], which is just wonderful. Troll is in reference to magic, so troll isn't- apparently, it isn't just a magical creature, but it is also a term for magic. In thinking about resourcing yourself through the ups and downs and craziness of life, finding these kinds of things that are meaningful to you and that bring you joy and bring you wholeness is a way to be able to address those ups and those downs.

[00:11:07] [END OF AUDIO]

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