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Resourcing Yourself

Speaker: [00:00:00] The next part of this conversation that I wanted to touch on around slowing down in order to be more effective in your business is about, it's an extension of the last video that I put out, and it is aside from daily practices that help you to feel more comfortable and more embodied and more healthy, whole. It is about longer term practices that will resource you, ways to resource yourself in order to be able to respond to the changing dynamics of the world and the changing seasons of your business. Just even like threats that come your way, it's a crazy world, stuff happens, and if we are resourced in ourselves and in our bodies and feeling whole in who we are, then we're better able to meet those challenges when they come up.

One of the things that is essential as a resource is to nourish your body with foods that are healthy, and you can decide what healthy means for you and what that looks like. For