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Mental Health in the Workplace: Coming Home To the Self

In this episode, the host shares their perspective on the importance of coming home to oneself and the role of rest and healing in this process. They discuss how our culture, especially our work culture, tends to prioritize action and productivity, often neglecting the value of rest. They highlight the need to incorporate a cyclical perspective of time, like the analogue clock or the changing seasons, in order to understand the importance of rest in our lives.

The host explains how rest is not just about physical rest, but also about mental and emotional rest. They emphasize that during rest, the body has the capacity to regenerate and heal itself, and how important it is to prioritize rest for overall well-being. The host shares practical steps that they have learned through study, inquiry, and their own practice, on how to complete stress cycles and create opportunities for rest and healing.

Some of the practical steps discussed in the episode include physical activity, creativity, laughing and crying, physical affection, and deep breathing. The host encourages listeners to explore these practices in their own lives and find what works best for them. They also share their personal experience of being stuck in a stress cycle for many years and how they had to learn the importance of rest the hard way when their body forced them to stop and prioritize rest.

The host concludes by inviting listeners to reflect on their own relationship with rest and consider incorporating rest and healing as essential elements of their self-care practice. They remind listeners that rest is not a luxury, but a necessity for overall well-being and that it's important to make space for rest in our busy lives. They encourage listeners to take what resonates with them and leave the rest, and to prioritize their own well-being by coming home to themselves through rest and healing.

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