What's it like to work with F&F? Getting Started

Over the past year we've streamlined our process for getting started with Fortress and Flourish to give you all the information you need to make a decision about whether working with us is the right fit for your organization and bringing us up to speed on the challenges you're facing. So. . . what does that really look like?

Clarity Call

Before we even begin working together we discuss your organization's unique needs and the services that F&F can provide to meet those needs whether they be for a one-off project or ongoing support.

Proposal / Scope of Work

Once we both have clarity on the work before us, F&F returns to you with a scope of work. This outlines the elements of your business that we have decided to work on together so that everyone is on the same page. Of course, if other things come up that we can help with we are happy to do so as long as they fall within our area of expertise. The proposal will include a timeline for the project, and outline of deliverables, and your financial investment.

Getting to Work

Once we have finalized our agreement then we get to work providing you with reliable and timely execution of our project. We work closely with you on your timeline to make sure we take care of all the issues that you are currently facing. Once we've covered everything we remain available as a resource to you should further issues arise.

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