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Do Work Differently

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You're running a values-based business, so your leadership style doesn't have to follow the corporate mold.

Increase your impact and help your bottom line 
by keeping your people with you for the long run with these 4 leadership practices that treat people as humans not just bots.
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You don't have to run a business that sucks the soul out of your employees.

Cultivate a culture in your workplace where people feel happy and thriving with sustainable HR policies.

I work with you to transform your business using regenerative practices to support sustainability, equity and community.  
​Reciprocity doesn't mean giving everything away to your employees, it means creating systems that give to you, give to your clients and give to your employees in a sustainable, regenerative way so that everyone thrives.

Are you a decision-maker in a company that's growing to more than 20 employees?  Or an organization with what feel like exploitative HR practices that need to change?  Let's talk.

Humans are a regenerative
resource to nurture

Your employee handbook can be a flexible, living document that defines your policies and expectations, so you and your employees are on the same page and everyone is treated fairly. 

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Looking for professional, experienced HR eyes on a current issue in your organization?  Book a Strategy Session with Candice.
If you suspect that your pay rates are causing you to have high turnover, lose employees or have trouble hiring, we can put that fire out within 1 week.

Let's change the world of work together.

Check out our podcast,
The Hearth.

Where we meet new people and ideas
that inspire us, challenge us and bring us home to ourselves.

Did you know Candice, Principal Consultant, at F&F is a speaker?

Check out what's she's currently speaking about
and listen to previous interviews.


Want to work with Candice directly?

Do you need. . .

⭐ a custom HR solution
⭐  personalized support to help find and keep an awesome team
⭐  help making a difficult HR decision

I offer 1:1 intensives, strategy sessions, VIP Days, mentorships and ongoing coaching.

I no longer work directly with staff (as outsourced HR for your company), but if that is the kind of support you're looking for, reach out.  I may know someone who is the right fit.


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