Guide to Wholistic Human Resources

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I help entrepreneurs discover their unique HR Advantage to attract and keep the best employees.

My Wholistic HR process reveals your company's most powerful cultural elements to attract and keep your ideal employees through community-building.
A community-based HR system positions your company as unique in the job market, gives you better employee satisfaction and longer employee tenure.
Over the last 15+ years (I developed my first training at 18!) I've worked with over 100 organizations.  Today I work with experts who are ready to streamline their systems, foster the development of their staff, and be on the cutting edge of management systems.
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Define your HR practices on truth

instead of fear.

Unlock your HR system's potential with a powerful action plan, designed with your company's cultural identity in mind.
An affordable monthly subscription so you have a certified HR pro at hand when you need help.
Find employees who are the right fit
Reward your current staff for sending you great candidates
Connect with your company and community


Want to work with Candice directly?

My team and I offer HR consulting, HR strategy, HR systems design, . . .
A strategic HR system attracts and retains the best employees, reduces the risk of litigation, and positions you as a unique employer in the job market.
I started my first business at age 23 and since that time I've worked with over 100 organizations.  Today I focus my energy on working with business leaders who are ready to take their HR management to the next level through a Wholistic HR approach.
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