Do HR Differently

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Keep the love and leave the hurt with these 5 practices that actually increase diversity, equality and justice at work
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I help impact-driven leaders
grow their team with values-based
HR best practices

As companies scale past the initial team of 10, there is a real opportunity to work toward equality, safety and vitality for you and your team.

The systems that get you to 10 are typically not adequate to handle the addition of 10 or 20 or 30 more people.  Once you get over this number, the cracks start to show. 

Even the best intentioned entrepreneurs and leaders start seeing their conscious and unconscious biases show in the way they have built culture. 

So whether you call yourself a CEO, CFO, COO, ED, DD, DOO, OBM, founder, entrepreneur or (fill in your title here). . .  I'm here to help you and your team thrive.  Looking for a better way?  Let's talk.
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Define your leadership with values
instead of fear.

Let's work together to create systems that clearly communicate safety and responsiblity as you grow.

Back Pocket
As a leader with a growing team you need HR when you need it.  Back Pocket HR is a suite of options that gives you access to Candice when you want a trusted resource.
Let's turn pay from a dirty secret into a shining star by developing a system of compensation that you want to show off instead of hide.


Want to work with Candice directly?

Over the years, I've honed in on these 3 ares where I serve best:

⭐  Building Foundational HR Systems
⭐  Creating Pay Transparency
⭐  Being HR in Your Back Pocket

Within these three areas I offer 1:1 intensives, strategy sessions, VIP Days, mentorships and ongoing coaching.

I no longer work directly with staff (as outsourced HR for your company), but if that is the kind of support you're looking for, reach out.  I may know someone who is the right fit.
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