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Let's Heal the
World of Work

Identify the most impactful next step you can take to prevent burnout for you and your team

You don't have to run an organization that sucks the soul out of you or your employees.

Cultivate a culture in your workplace where people can thrive together.

I work with you to transform your organization using regenerative practices to support sustainability, equity and community.  
​Reciprocity doesn't mean giving everything away to your employees, it means creating systems that give to you, your employees, your participants and board a sustainable, regenerative way for everyone  to thrive.

Are you a decision-maker in a non-profit or business that's growing to more than 10 employees?  Or are you in leader in an organization with what feel like exploitative HR practices that need to change?  Let's talk.

Humans are a regenerative
resource to nurture

Featured Support

Back Pocket
HR Retainer

An affordable monthly retainer so you have access to a trusted HR thought partner when you need support.

Are you responsible for HR and tired of hacking it together DIY style?  This one's for you if your ready for a system that will keep you on the straight and narrow.
Let's tackle the organizational and leadership development work that keeps you stuck.  This high-touch program provides your and your growing team ongoing strategic HR support.


The Hearth is for you if you're a business leader with a team.


Here we have conversations about how to keep growing when you feel you've reached your capacity. When what you're doing is working, but you're starting to see the cracks. When there's a gap between where you're at now and where you want to be.


Here we find ways to transition through struggle of survival toward creating a thriving business that supports you and your team as whole humans.


Want to work with Candice directly?

Are you an. . .

⭐ Executive Director, CEO or business owner
⭐  bookkeeper or early career HR professional
⭐  Solopreneur
⭐  Event, show or podacst host

I offer programs that support growing non-profits & businesses, budding HR professionals and help solopreneurs hire their first team member.  I'm also a speaker and regularly talk on podcasts, shows, at events and conferences.
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