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Fortress and Flourish helps business owners and executives navigate the complicated world of leading staff.  We work closely with innovative organizations to develop sustainable systems in areas including hiring, timekeeping, training, employee relations, ending employment, and leadership development.

Fortress and Flourish makes sure that your business's management systems are built with the best practices that protect you as you grow.  Our approach to building these systems is to foster your business's unique culture so that your staff feel a sense of belonging and ownership over their role as you work together. 

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July 2020: Hiring Toolkit


In this series we will focus on the four main pieces of the hiring process: job, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding new employees.  The better we are at each of these steps the less likely it is we will bring someone into our company that just isn't the right fit.  As always our goal is to create systems that are fair for all built on best practices.

Each Monday, starting July 13, I will release the toolkit for the week, sending it to those of you who sign up to receive this information and posting the information on this website.

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Fortress and Flourish works across industries to implement solutions that align your strategy and vision with your management policies & practices.


Food and Beverage

I started out my human resource management career in the restaurant industry.  Food & Beverage establishments typically have higher turnover rates, lower wages, and often have the added challenge of alcohol present in the workplace.  I work with restaurant and bar owners to ensure labor law compliance, while upholding the value of hospitality that is essential to their work.

The Penny Ice Creamery

Made from Scratch, Locally Sourced

Santa Cruz, CA


Non -Profit

Non-profit organizations hold a special place in my heart.  I have been on the boards of a number of organizations, and love to give back to my community in that way.  Professionally, I particularly enjoy working with the boards of non-profit organizations on executive director recruitment.  The transition from one ED to the next can be rocky, but there are systems which we can use to ensure a smooth transition.

Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes

Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen

Watsonville, CA



Retail is an especially challenging industry to be in at this time.  As we see the rise of online retailers, providing a unique and meaningful experience in your retail space will keep your guests coming back for more.  Providing enhanced hospitality and product specific training for your staff is one way you can set yourself out from the crowd.

Botanic and Luxe

Home Goods, Unique Plants

Santa Cruz, CA

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I've been on constructions sights since I was a little girl.  My dad is a construction project manager, and my uncles are all involved in construction of one form or another.  The world of construction has it's own challenges as they relate to human resources: the physical nature of the work, stressful deadlines, and the traditionally brusque culture.  We work with construction firms to implement the latest best practices so both the employees and company feel safe.


Architecture & Construction

Santa Cruz, CA


Health and Wellness

I have had the opportunity to work with a number of yoga studios, spas, and other wellness centered businesses.  This industry is heavily affected by changes in 1099 contractor laws.  Many of these kinds of businesses are now converting their contractors to employees.  Although these is a cost associated with this change, you may be surprised about the numbers when you actually see them.

Yoso Wellness

Wellness Spa

Santa Cruz, CA

Circuit Board


In the fast changing world of technology we see companies change from a few founders to over 100 employees almost overnight.  Sourcing the required talent and keeping those brilliant minds in house are two key elements to having a thriving business, technology or otherwise.  We work with tech companies to build out their HR systems quickly so they are protected as they grow.

Communication Service Corporation

Technology Systems

Soquel, CA

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Senior Professional in Human Resources

Leadership for Community Transformation

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults


Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations

Emphasis Training and Development

Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Anthropology

Emphasis Archaeology, Minor Philosophy

San Francisco State University

Otis College of Art and Design

Young Artist College Immersion

I started Fortress and Flourish in December of 2018 to fulfill my dream of working with business owners to create thriving work environments.  

The foundation of this work is the Fortress.  This is how we build a strong relationship between the company and staff.  Clear expectations help eliminate confusion and allow us the space to thrive. This is where Flourish comes in.  Once we have a strong foundation, then we can move on to the fun stuff.

I often meet with business owners who feel out of their element when it comes to managing staff.  This sometimes gets in the way of the joy of their work.  The laws are complicated, and there are also the day to day operational needs of the business to considered.  I am here as a resource if you have challenges and would like to talk them through. 

I hope we get to connect soon.




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