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The HR Framework for Your Community-Driven Organization

So, what is Wholistic HR?

Wholistic HR is a multi-disciplinary approach to Human Resources that combines practical experience on the ground with social science, philosophy and best practices. It delivers HR within the context of the whole person, whole company, whole community and whole world. It takes HR lightyears beyond the HR of the past that is solely focused on defining systems and holding people accountable to those systems (of course that is an essential function of HR, but that isn't everything it is).

Reliability and Accountability

Reliability and accountability are two things that have been proven to keep your employees with you longer. Why is that? Reliability and accountability create safety which reduces stress. What's one of the top things that make people leave a job? You guessed it. . . stress.

In the world of Wholistic HR we create a suite of systems for managing transitions for you, your company, and your staff from before you even meet them to after they move on to their next opportunity. This means optimizing how you find people, how you decide who is the right fit to work with you, how you teach them about your company and their job, how you give them feedback on how they are doing, how you handle unexpected situations that come up, how you create opportunity for them within your organization so they stay with you for the long term, and how you build up capacity to fill their role when you promote them or if they leave for opportunity.

Care for Your People

Sometimes we forget that our staff are our customers too. We live in a free labor market and people who aren't treated well can leave for another company that treats them better. Now when I say this I don't mean that you should let your staff walk all over you. Of course not! You are the leader. You set expectations and hold people accountable.

But, as leaders we are busy. We get distracted and we may start to prioritize other things than our people. Don't forget that your people are the heart of your business. The way that you treat them is the foundation of your company's culture and with trickle all the way down to the way that they treat your clients, guests and customers and the impact that you have on your community.

Be Consistently Innovative

The foundation of ethical leadership is consistency in innovation. This means that we continually look into the congruence of our systems, actions and values. When we feel the pull to change the way we act, we go back to the system we have in place and adjust that system so that it is aligned with our values.

As we live, we learn and grow. New ideologies come into our worldview, we identify the ways that we have been living that are inconsistent with our values. When we take that new learning back with us into our organization and adjust systems to bring them into alignment this builds trust, reinforcing the feeling of safety and decreasing stress.

How does it work?

What happens if I am reliable, accountable, care for my people, lead ethically and consistently work on values based change? Well, studies show that you'll find employees that are a better fit for you and your organization. You'll eliminate confusion and confrontation. You'll create an environment of safety which decreases turnover, and you'll be well on your way toward developing your company's culture.

Ultimately this means that you'll decrease the cost and time involved in acquiring and keeping your staff, saving you big dollars. So not only do things run better, but you save yourself time and money.

I know what you're thinking. . This great but where do I start?

Pssssst! There’s a shortcut. . .

Clarity is where it’s at, but it’s not always easy to find. So, I want to share my *entire* Wholistic HR framework with you

From November 8 - 12 I’ll be delivering an

In-depth series of HR strategy trainings during

And you’re invited!

Join us to learn my tried and tested Wholistic HR method. It’s proven to help you create a community driven organization that is so YOU - and draw the right people into your orbit.

Are you soooo ready for for this?

Perfect. Let’s get that sorted - together.

Get all the details

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